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Why Moodle Proctoring Required for Online Exams?

Moodle LMS is a unique platform that is designed to provide a redefined user experience that improves online teaching and learning. This platform can be used by educators, learners, and administrators alike.

The new and updated version, Moodle 4.0, comes with all new contemporary interfaces, intuitive navigation, and highly accomplished course experience that allows educators, and trainers to create, and edit the courses as per the need and requirements.

To get the best Moodle user experience it is possible to connect with any of the reputed Moodle development company which has a team of highly skilled professionals who work hard to satisfy the client’s needs and give the product they are looking for.

The various features that make Moodle LMS high in demand have been summarized below:

• Smooth Learning

With Moodle, it is possible to view the course structure in one place and even keep track of the learning. It is easy to navigate through any of the content available online. Moreover, one can also spot the various tasks and activities that are pending and complete them. It is no longer required to scroll the entire page to get the required information as only small bits of information are provided at a time which increases concentration and even saves time. Additional information and content are just a click away.

• Managing the Learning Efficiently

With Moodle, it is possible to manage your learning efficiently as one can always view deadlines on the dashboard for a given course. It is also possible to schedule and plan your work in the calendar itself, which ensures that you are always updated with your work. Navigation between the courses is easy and one can easily reach the course they are looking for. Also, this new platform informs you about the steps that need to be taken to complete the given task.

• Moodle Proctoring

It is the latest addition to the Moodle user experience; Moodle Proctoring is a novel quiz access plugin that is designed to capture the user’s picture via the webcam. This technology has been crafted to make sure, who is attempting the Moodle quiz. It will capture the picture automatically after every 30 seconds and store it as a PNG image.

Here, before starting the quiz, it will ask for the camera’s permission and once permission has been granted, it will be able to see your picture and you can carry on with your quiz. It is a kind of video recording service that makes sure that the user does not try to do anything suspicious during the exam.

The various features that are available for Moodle Proctoring include-

• Capturing student’s image via web camera
• Can’t access the quiz unless permission to allow the camera is given
• Report to admin for any suspicious activity
• Can work with current question bank and quiz available
• Images stored in Moodle data as a small PNG image
• Image can be deleted as and when required
• Proctoring log report with search facilities

One can easily get Moodle Proctoring set in the system via a custom Moodle development company that works to ensure safe and hassle-free online conduct of the tests without any issues of cheating. Yatharthriti is a leading Moodle development agency with a long list of happy and satisfied clients. It provides excellent support to the clients and the best services for the products.

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