LMS Version Upgrade

LMS upgrade from any version to latest version to cater your members specific eLearning needs.

LMS Version Upgrade

How long ago your business or organization has adopted the existing LMS? Has it been years? Does it still provide the tools you require? Is it compatible with the latest and innovative learning technologies? If not, you probably need LMS upgrade or migration services from an expert.

Yatharthriti offers the best learning solutions to migrate your current LMS system to the upgraded version, ensuring that you can lever the best in the field for learners and administrators. We can help manage the LMS integration for your online learners, delivering them with a first-class learning experience.

Yatharthriti has the expertise to offer the LMS migration and upgrade, allowing a seamless flow of information to all core users. We can upgrade your LMS installation to the latest version of plugins and extensions. We also make sure that all the plugins and core platform perform perfectly on your upgraded LMS.

Why Choose Us?

Here is the three-step approach to our LMS upgrade process:
  • Discussion of requirements and access to data: We discuss and understand your existing system and processes in detail. Thereafter, we will ask for data access to your current platform.
  • Analyzing the data: Subsequently, we will analyze your content and propose the migration within the given timelines.
  • Data migration: Once the analytical analysis of your data is completed, we will work on your data upgrade and migration.

Yatharthriti offers LMS upgrade and migration services to enable an effective and smooth migration from your existing system to another. If you want a consultation on how to improve your existing LMS, contact us!

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