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Plugin Development

Learning Management System (LMS) is the most widely used platform that supports the current on-the-go learning environment. With in-depth domain expertise and technical know-how, Yatharthriti is creating the best LMS to deliver training programs.

We provide the best LMS plugins which give you unlimited possibilities to create any kind of educational content, courses and present it online in the most convenient way. With the power of the LMS Plugin, you can attract learners from all across the world.

Our team is an expert in creating a wide range of WordPress and Moodle Plugins which has supported all our clients in terms of better functionalities. We provide custom plugins according to the highest coding standards. As a result, it becomes very easy to extend, maintain, and debug the source code.

Why Choose Us?

Our assortment of LMS Plugins can serve you with the best solutions that you want for your training programs and courses:
  • Custom plugin development: We develop plugins by infusing unique features and functionality that are apt to your individual requirements.
  • New Plugin creation and integration: We develop a new plugin as per the required functionality or can integrate the required Plugin seamlessly into your LMS.
  • Plugin testing: We believe in rendering close attention to every intricate detail of plugin development. We execute multiple pre-delivery tests to make sure that the end results are error-free.

Plugins developed by Yatharthriti are secure, reliable, stable, and scalable. Our Plugin development solutions are designed for everyone, from individual educators to higher education institutions, and even businesses.

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