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Customized LMS for all the Learning needs of your organization. Yatharthriti is a hub of Leading LMS software Solution Providers for each industry.

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Yatharthriti is a professional LMS software solutions company that offers corporate e-learning solutions to sectors worldwide. We focus on using technology smartly to help your team learn and grow. Our Open LMS provides flexible solutions to meet corporate elearning needs and customizes the learning modules as per user.

We assist companies in creating secure, custom LMS platforms that equip their teams with tomorrow's skills through collaborative learning. Our robust LMS software fosters employee engagement and empowers you to personalize corporate elearning experiences.

But that's not all. Yatharthriti is always striving to stay ahead. We offer meticulously crafted software solutions tailored to adapt seamlessly to the dynamic shifts in today's work environment. We're here to help your team thrive, learn, grow, and conquer the ever-evolving workplace. Let's work together and make corporate elearning solutions a superpower for your organization.

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Yatharthriti IT Services Pvt Ltd is a renowned provider of E-learning Management Systems (LMS) that provides to multiple industries. We take pride in our expertise and offer our clients a wide range of services. Our services extend to the following industries:







Business Services

Training Companies



What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System is known as “e-learning” is a software application or web-based technology handling all aspects of the learning process. It is used for tracking, analyzing & reporting data automatically, delivery of learning & development programs. LMS is frequently used by businesses of all sizes to improve traditional educational methods and to save organizations time & money.

Why to Choose our LMS?

Top component to consider while selecting us, originally we begin by ranking the best LMS for all needs and budgets. After listing the top tool we deploy in the cloud and in your premises as per your requirement. We do not sell products, it is a system that plugin to your system to make the smooth process and avoid human error.

Why Does Your Company Need LMS?

Online learning through LMS Come up with faster and effective business training methods compared to traditional offline. Companies can provide training whenever or wherever they want. With LMS, Employee performs productively and can access information anytime. It cut down the training costs and keeps all that knowledge in the company by providing an easy way to transfer employee knowledge to formalize it and use to educate your team. We provide the tools to create online courses and implement on-demand learning experiences.

What are the Features of an LMS?

The key features of an LMS that empower you to accomplish all of those goals:

  • 1. Progress tracking
  • 2. User Management
  • 3. Mobile learning
  • 4. Testing and assessment
  • 5. Content management tools
  • 6. Reporting
  • 7. Multimedia capabilities
Can I Create Quizzes and Exams that are Automatically Graded?

Yes, quiz questions are graded & emailed automatically including multiple-choice, true/false, multi-select, matching. Creating scored quizzes in an accurate way is easy and quick which helps you to automate the quizzing process and access quick results.

Is There a Free Trial?

Yes. We will be happy to set up a free account for you to try. Please contact sales@yatharthriti.com to get it set up.

Do You Provide Email or Telephone Support?

We provide email and phone support for all of our plans. Contact us for more information about custom plans that provide additional support options.

I Have Another Question. Whom Do I Ask?

Contact sales@yatharthriti.com for any other questions. Or call us at (407) 768-1010. We would love to talk with you about your project.

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