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Moodle Vs Canvas

Which LMS is Better Moodle or Canvas

E-Learning has gained immense popularity among the users and with advancements in technology one can now find two prominent LMS. These are Moodle and Canvas. Selecting between these two though can be quite tricky. 

To make things easier for you, the important features of the two have been summarized below which will allow you to decide between Moodle or Canvas-


  • Moodle

Moodle is a very famous and most frequently used LMS around the world. It offers a flexible and highly functional educational domain that is used by learners, educators, and administrators because of its high amount of personalization in both learning and teaching. It is an effective digital learning solution through open source technology which is being used by schools, colleges, universities, and various corporate. 

  • Canvas

Well, the canvas is also an open, free and flexible cloud-based learning management system but one can also opt for the paid version to fulfill your desirable LMS needs. It is preferred for use in educational institutes like schools and colleges. 


  • Moodle

This is the major concern for all the users, the interface of Moodle though not that intuitive is still preferred, as the interface is 100 percent customizable. It is possible to change the overlook and feel of the Moodle LMS platform through various free and paid themes. It is also possible to design the course structure as per the requirements, it also gives chance to experiment and explore various Moodle themes.

  • Canvas

Canvas has a simple and user–friendly interface which is easier to use and work on. Though the interface is good, it is far less powerful than Moodle when it comes to teaching, assessing, and various learning tools. It can be only used for simple learning and teaching. It is a great learning platform for beginners who are looking for easy LMS to work with.

 Ease of Use

  • Moodle

When talking Moodle, is a highly functional and flexible LMS that allows educators to design and build the entire course curriculum from the scratch by using various kinds of authoring tools available. It has amazing analytics and reporting system through which it is possible to keep track of the progress of the students, their attendance, performance in the activities, tests, and quizzes, and also find out the grades. It is also possible to conduct video conferencing through the big blue button. There are plenty of gamification options available for better learning and understanding.

  • Canvas

It is a much simpler system with smooth navigation, making it perfect for beginners. However, it doesn’t have any control over the communication system, thus making it quite overwhelming. This LMS is not much advance and has complex uploads that cannot be handled. 

Customization Made Easy

  • Moodle

The more control, the more powerful Moodle is. Moodle allows you to keep control over various aspects of the e-learning program. One can control not only the visual appearance but also overall performance and functionalities. 

  • Canvas

It also allows customization for effective course management; however, in comparison to Moodle, it has limited capabilities. 

So, it is very much clear, that among Moodle or Canvas, Moodle is easily the winner and most used LMS around the world. It offers an array of features and benefits which makes it popular among the masses. One can get the best Moodle customization through Moodle development company. Yatharthriti is a popular LMS company that has several happy and satisfied clients.

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