What is New in 4.0 Moodle Update for Developers?

As we all know that Moodle is a unique and most sought-after online learning platform which is highly preferred by the educators and trainers around the world. Moodle enables one to create numerous online courses, assignments and keeping track of the student’s progress with ease. 

This is the reason why top educational institutes, organisations and companies vouch for Moodle platform. Today, one can easily connect with Moodle Development Company which is known to create and customize the platform as per the need and requirements of the individual. One such popular company which has a great reputation in the market is Yatharthriti. 

Moodle allows one to connect with the students, thanks to easy and smooth communication through forums and discussions.The platform is completely flexible and easy to understand. So, if you are working on Moodle as a teacher, it will prove to be a great tool for you as you will be able to teach a large number of students across the globe, clearing their doubts, giving them the right knowledge with the best of contents and interactive videos. Besides, unlike classroom teaching where it is difficult to keep track of each and every student, LMS allows teachers to keep track and record the performance of every student and even mark the areas which require attention. 

Installing and working on Moodle is simple and one can learn the basics of working with ease? Besides, to make the system all the more personal, one can get numerous plug-ins as well which are offered by plug-in development company which have experienced and efficient software developers who work to provide the best services and solutions to the clients. 

The good news is that soon Moodle 4.0 will be launched which will further enhance the user experience of the people and make it all more popular and high in demand among the Moodle community members like  students, teachers, administrators, developers educators and trainers.

The main aim of the Moodle 4.0 update is to: 

  • Allow educators to create, reuse, duplicate and move the course content for the benefit of the students. 
  • The interface is also much smooth and easy to navigate making it all the more simpler and easy for the students 
  • Improved content and subject matter with the availability of a large number of assignments, quizzes and grade books. 
  • Putting large files into folders. 
  • Tracking the completion of the assignments. 
  • Adding links to the pages for better understanding. 
  • Adding personalized texts to the books for the benefit of the students. 

With the latest update, Moodle is all the more clean, new and contemporary in its approach. Other important features include rejuvenation of the Moodle’s look and feel, and the user interface has been made more intuitive for better navigation and experience. 

Though most of the features remain the same, the new addition to the menu is “My Courses” which allows educators and learners to manage the courses. Course Overview Page has been moved from the Dashboard so that Dashboard can be used for important tasks like managing and coordinating.Moodle 4.0 is here to streamline the overall course design and experience. Get access to the latest Moodle 4.0 by getting in touch with Moodle Development Company.

Author Name: Ashok
Reference:- Yatharthriti  

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