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How Virtual Classes Have Changed The Education Sector Forever?

With technological advancements, the education sector has also moved online with a number of benefits to educators and learners. Educational institutes like schools, colleges, and universities have been adversely affected a lot by COVID 19. And, the lockdowns imposed everywhere in India and abroad have disrupted the learning process. In such a situation, E-learning system has been imposed by the educational institutes to connect students and trainers via the internet and leverage the virtual classroom experience. More than 70% of schools across India are using virtual class for school and classroom learning.

Features of virtual classroom

In virtual class, teachers interact with students in real-time and, communicate and discuss topics via chat or voice. These classes have reached to new heights, and helping students learn via the web, unaffected by the geographical barriers.

Online learning appears to have reached to a tipping point. The virtual classroom is an online student learning system where learners and educators interact or communicate via technical tools. It is used to host classes remotely while maintaining the functionality as per the traditional classroom environment. Several features make virtual classes unique and differentiate them from its traditional counterparts.

These features are:
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Video recording
  • Video with cloud-links
  • Live projects
  • End-to-end encryption

Several educational institutes and online course providers integrate with a LMS (Learning Management System) to ensure the best learning experience.

Benefits of virtual classes

If you are still not convinced of the benefits of a virtual learning environment, here are the key advantages of virtual classes for school and students:

  • Increased inclusivity of students
  • Improved accessibility
  • Help students build relationships
  • Improved technical skills
  • Greater flexibility
  • Provide an opportunity for immediate feedback
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