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bigbluebutton limitations

How to solve Problems with Bigbluebutton Limitations

BigBlueButton(BBB) is a third-party application that is integrated into the base installation of LMS. It is an HTML5-based video conferencing tool that runs directly in the browser without the need to download an external client application. You should hire the top third-party software integration service provider to avail yourself of an efficient BBB integration with LMS.

If you are looking to integrate BigBlueButton into your learning management system (LMS), then Yatharthriti would be the best solution partner. It provides the best solution for integrating third-party software with LMS and helps in enhancing the power, functionality, and value of the LMS.

If you encounter any problems while using BigBlueButton, you can interact with other BBB users from around the world on the community support page. If you encounter any problems using or with BigBlueButton limitations, you can check the following items, which are explained in more detail below:

Check access link
Use the updated browser
Check internet connection
Disable ad blocker or configure it accordingly
Turn the VPN on or off
Configure firewall correctly
Try out the test room at TU Dresden
Try out the test room of the BBB developers
Internet Connection

Audio and video transmission problems may occur due to low bandwidth. In this case, check your internet connection and reduce the load from the background activities of your device or other devices in your network if necessary.


If you use a non-recommended or outdated web browser for your session, errors may occur. In general, it is always recommended to test a different browser if problems occur.

Ad blockers, some of which are integrated into popular web browsers, can also cause problems. Always check the settings of your browser or ad blocker and look for the option that allows you to share your local IP address with WebRTC.

Network Environment

Problems often occur for BigBlueButton limitations when the transmission of audio or video data is blocked. BigBlueButton then displays an error message in the form of “Error 10xx”. Such blockage can occur due to firewall rules in the organizational unit network, home router, or computer.

A VPN connection has its own firewall rules and can be the cause of the error if you are using one. If possible, turn them off if a problem occurs, or contact the administrators if necessary.

One possible solution besides proper firewall configuration is to use OpenVPN. If it has to happen very quickly, switching to another device that is not on the same network, such as a smartphone with a mobile data connection, usually helps.

Test Room

An anonymous test room from the BigBlueButton instance of your organization is available for external users to check all functions and especially the audio and video connections. For testing the microphone, unlike all other BigBlueButton conferences at your organization, the echo test is directly accessible there.

For a complete error analysis, a functional test on the test server of the BBB developers is recommended. If problems occur here as well, this indicates a basic blockage of necessary network connections.

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