Advantages and Disadvantages of BigBlueButton Configuration

Today, online learning has become the need of the hour, and top organizations and educational institutes are now using Moodle as a unique platform to educate and manage learning management systems with ease. One such amazing Moodle plugin is BigBlueButton, which is an open-source web conferencing system that has been specifically designed to carry out smooth online learning.

The project aims to engage and enable educators around the world. With this system, it is possible to take various online classes and make group collaboration with the students that are present around the world. To get the BigBlueButton configuration installed in your system, it is suggested to get in touch with a reputed Moodle Development Company. 

The various benefits of BigBlueButton have been summarized below:

  • Open source web collaboration software is used by educational institutes around the world.
  • Most suitable for e-learning and training.
  • Offer numerous options for customizations and integrations as per the need of the user.
  • Allows real-time sharing of slides, audio, video, chats, emojis, and screen.
  • One can also record the content for later playback.
  • Access and manage the recordings as well.
  • Through the BigBlueButton configurations, it is possible to leverage its capabilities and features through Moodle site.
  • Create multiple links for activities in the online session.
  • Restrict the entry of the students before the moderator joins. 

While installing and working on the BigbBlueButton, one encounters various issues which can be easily managed and handled by the Moodle Development Company. Some of the common issues are: 

  1. Troubleshoot

If your system or the command given is not working as required, it is suggested to troubleshoot your setup. This will help to configure the BigBlueButton server to check whether all the processes are running smoothly.

  1. Issue in Recording

Even after upgrading the BigBlueButton, one can face issues with recording which can be handled with the correct command. 

  1. Video Not Working

BigBlueButton is open software to share audio and videos, however, one might come across issues with video recording as well. 

  1. Not Able to Share Webcam

The default installation of BigBlueButtonworks in most of the networks until the user is working on a restrictive network that blocks ongoing UDP connections. 

  1. Presentation Not Showing

On joining a certain meeting, the default presentation cannot be seen; this is most likely to be because of a permission error. 

  1. Opening Too Many Files

On servers that are greater than 8 CPU cores, errors of too many files can be seen, which can be resolved by creating an override file. 

  1. Enter the Correct IP Address

During the installation of BigBlueButton, it is important to assign the correct IP address during setup, otherwise, an error may occur. 

  1. Browser Not Supported

While uploading the BigBlueButton or joining the session, it is important to look for browsers that support it. 

  1. BigBlueButton Does Not Load

With the change of network connections, there is an issue in the loading of the BigBlueButton configuration. 

  1. Cannot Assign the Requested Address

If your server has multiple IP addresses, it is not possible for Tomcat to pick the right address to bind and start.

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